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The European teenagers will express themselves through dancing and love for physical exercise. Dance may help them learn to take responsibility, cooperate, make partnership, express freely and know their own rights.The teenagers involved in the project will be able to shape emotionally, spiritually and bodily by DANCING. Thus, they will manage to renounce old habits, spending too much time with electronic devices. 

between September & December 2020

- My European portrait: If I were a… I would be a … + My best & my worst souvenirs + A marking event in my life.
- Research about the dance + a famous dancer / choreographer. Each country must choose a different dance in order to have an overview of the greatest number of dances. 
- DANCE ACTIVITIES: "I dance who I am".  Each country can choose the best appropriate dance  as long as it corresponds to the teenagers' issue and the European value, in particular performance dance such as contemporary dance, ballet, jazz dance, classical Indian dance, street dance, circus, tap dance, African dance, capoeira etc.
- All the countries get ready for the mobility in Romania with intellectual and physical (dance) activities to celebrate the theme: IDENTITY WITHIN DIVERSITY. Each country can provide information about the European value in its country: what about identity in Hungary, Croatia, etc?

Local Activites

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Video presentation by Dancing 


Video presentation of each partner include dance will be prepared. This video will introduce pupils, teachers, staff and will be posted on eTwinning.